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About Us

At Voyagerman, there is only one boss: The Big Idea. Everyone else is its subordinate.
We know, we know. Every communication company talks about generating great ideas: ideas that nobody else in the business can equal. However, we suppose we know the other side of the story as well: that the Big Idea is a stern and fickle-minded boss. This boss is very, very difficult to catch hold of. It is often not there in its cabin and deserts you in your desperate hour of need. You are expected to work really hard to earn its favour.
So, yes. We do work extremely hard to come up with strategies for your brand that would take it to the next level of growth. Although our technological expertise has already been applauded by some of the leading brands of the world, we are aware that without the Big Idea to back it up, it would merely be a complicated, yet inert tool. Only the Big Idea speaks for you to the target audience and makes them watch and listen.
This boss, we have learnt over the course of our long and sweat-drenched careers, abhors conventional marketing strategies. This unforgiving deserter believes that if we are not trying to break out of the proverbial box every moment we are in the office, it is OK not to offer us a helping hand. The all-knowing Big Idea also seems to think that unless our sincere aim is to drive consumer engagement, we are unworthy of its kindness.
So we keep on worshipping, day in and day out, the father of communication, our boss, the Big Idea. We have brought together young turks from both the worlds of advertising and technology to please this tyrant. We work extra hard to achieve true 360° strategies blessed by our despotic boss. We employ completely in-house technological platforms that drive engagement and open two-way communication thoroughfares between the consumer and the brand. And to do it all, we burn the midnight oil, if needed. There is one, telling, difference between us and other communication companies.
We have learnt how difficult it is to summon, at one’s will, the Great Big Idea. That is why we work harder than others.
And it seems our boss is beginning to like us.

Our services

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Brand Building

We pamper, nourish and fortify your brand through our array of mainline and digital brand-building expertise. We excel at both ATL and BTL communication, complemented by robust technological knowhow.

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We employ the fun and addicting elements found in games to solve real-world problems. This ensures deep user-engagement, which can streamline corporate and business procedures.

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We have introduced Turtleguru, an in-house toolset responsible for automating various business applications to enhance cost effectiveness and job efficiency.

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