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Business Applicaton

business application
  • Why gamify your business application?

    Simply because, some areas of your business, although requiring extensive involvement of the employees, are not necessarily enjoyable to get involved in.

  • Some examples of processes that can be gamified for more engagement

    However, there are smart ways to make traditionally dull or tedious tasks more enjoyable. This approach is called the gamification of business application and in all probability, you need it.

    If you want a sharp rise in productivity, intensification of employee involvement and engagement, you just can’t afford your employees to get bored or consider their duties a chore.

  • The two kinds of gamification

    Structural Gamification

    • Does not change the core structure of the business model
    • Creates an external layer of game mechanism
    • Primary focus is to motivate the user to go through the content and engage them in the process through rewards

    Content Gamification

    • Building a gamified business application from the scratch
    • Requires thorough understanding of the business and extensive involvement of the business people
    • Each sub-module of the business is gamified
  • Why Voyagerman?

    Voyagerman has the expertise to gamify a business application in a controlled environment without allowing people to get distracted from actual work. We ensure that the gamified application will not be just another process to learn and manage. The business applications are ergonomically intuitive to facilitate better engagement.

  • How we do it