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From advertising products or services, driving organizational behavior change to training new recruits in complex systems, the use of Gamification, or employing game mechanics to a non-gaming context is vast. By identifying your specific mission and analyzing user-motivation to complete a particular task, we are able to create virtual ecosystems that ensure participation, engagement and conversion through points, badges, levels, challenges and rewards — buzzwords in the game world — that finally help you achieve your business objectives. The mantra we live by, “Human-Focused Design”, comes into play in this unique combination of stellar creativity and state-of-the-art technological capabilities, which carefully puts to use the users’ intuitive faculties to involve her in the virtual worlds and processes. We have already served and continue to serve corporate giants such as Tata Steel and ArcelorMittal, who highly appreciate our capacity to ensure user-engagement and building loyalty that overcome natural behavioral programming through entertaining problem solving methods.